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Books by Frederick Luis Aldama

Through Fences

Through Fences follows the ups and downs of Latino children and youth living in the US–Mexico borderlands.

Labyrinths Borne

Labyrinths Borne is a cli-fi graphic novel set in the near future when humanity hangs in the balance as black ice emerges in summer and a mysterious disease wipes out anyone older than 25. The planet's reboot is left in the hands of the surviving youth.

The Absolutely (Almost) True Adventures of Max Rodriguez

The Absolutely (Almost) True Adventures of Max Rodriguez follows Max whose early love of comics, novels, and books on philosophy help them navigate the topsy-turvy life as a 9th grader in Nowheresville, California.


Pyroclast follows the high schooler Pete Lumeras who discovers he can transform into a being of molten rock. He must choose to become a warrior for justice—Pyroclast—or follow a path of self-destruction.

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