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Book Series

Latinx Shorts

Latinx Shorts publishes short books (35,000 words max) that focus on contemporary topics key to building a fuller understanding of Latinx cultures, lived experiences, and sociocultural realities: media, sociology, sports, history, gender and sexuality, the arts, fandoms, comics, religion, car culture, pop music, sports, food, and graffiti, as well as specific cultural and political figures, and more. The Ohio State University Press.

Latinx Pop Culture. Co-edited with Arturo J. Aldama

Latinx Pop Culture publishes vibrant, accessible scholarly works on key figures and seminal topics in Latinx popular culture, offering a critical, interpretive lens, with a lasting impact.

Global Latin/o Americas. Co-edited with Lourdes Torres.

Global Latin/o Americas publishes books that focus on the Latino/a/e/x experience in its totality as set within a global dimension. The series showcases the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of Latinos in the shaping of the culture, history, politics & policies, and language of the Americas—and beyond. The Ohio State University Press.

World Comics & Graphic NonFiction. Co-edited with Christopher González and Deborah Whaley.

World Comics & Graphic NonFiction publishes books that focus on the analysis and interpretation of comic books and graphic nonfiction from around the world. University of Texas Press.


Books in the Biographix series will prove essential for those studying, teaching, and curating comics—as well as comics fans and general readers. University Press of Mississippi.  

Critical Graphics

Books in the Critical Graphics series provide context and critical insight into a given creator’s work, with a special interest in social and political issues. Each book is organized as a series of reader-friendly scholarly chapters that precede the reprinting of short graphic fiction or nonfictional works—or excerpts of longer works. Rutgers University Press.

Latinx & Latin American Profiles

Latinx & Latin American Profiles series focuses on literary, visual, and performing artists and their work. University of Pittsburgh Press.

Global Media & Race

Global Media & Race publish books that bring a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to media and race. Rutgers University Press.

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