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Daniel Olivas Interviews Aldama for Latino Book Review!

DANIEL A. OLIVAS: What—or who—inspired you to create your wonderfully well-read, self-proclaimed misfit, Max Rodriguez (née Maxine), and tell their coming-of-age story?

FREDERICK LUIS ALDAMA: I’m a sucker for coming-of-age stories—and this since I first began clocking in serious time as a teen at my school and local libraries. Happenstance, along with meeting a series of kind, generous librarians had me page-turning exquisite formation narratives bursting with imagination and belly-aching fun by the likes of Gabriel García Márquez, Salman Rushdie, Günter Grass—and yes, other rather unlikely authors, at least for me, like Lawrence Sterne, Henry Fielding, and Rabelais.

Read Full Interview HERE!


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